The dark underbelly of the anti-lockdown protestors

The Anti-lockdown leaders claim they champion freedom and human rights yet they attack indigenous rights and non Christian religious freedoms.

We expose the leaders of the Anti-lockdown lobby and how they harbour prejudiced views of indigenous New Zealanders’ rights enshrined into the Treaty of Waitangi. These so-called civil rights and freedom fighters would ruthlessly crush others’ freedoms and rights.

Much of the korero from the Anti lockdown leaders is often irrational and has a deliberate political purpose of shifting Aotearoa New Zealand to become an alt-right society, basically a Trump state of the south pacific.

Māori are being bombarded with disinformation that is causing mass hesitancy which is leading to high infection rates amongst Māori communities. The Ministry of Health’s strategy to deal with this infodemic is to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Damien Dement a Qanon conspiracy theorist