Anti-Mandate protestors are attempting a putsch

The genuine intent of the anti-mandate protest is putsch a violent attempt to overthrow the government.

Anti-Mandate protestors are attempting a putsch

To understand what’s going on in Wellington we need to know the true intent of the protest and it has absolutely nothing to do with freedom although many New Zealanders agree with them that the New Zealand Bill of Rights was not adhered to.

I’ve encountered the ringleaders of the anti-mandate protest over a year ago and they were extraordinarily hostile when it comes to freedom of the press a key tenant of any democracy they will attack journalists as fake news.

Because many journalists have sided with the general consensus of medical professionals and scientists and avoided unsubstantiated conspiracy theories from rogue doctors in their minds journalists are deliberately misleading the public.

The anti-mandate protesters have invented a conspiracy theory that all journalists are paid opposition by the government and compliant with the Prime Minister’s office. This lie is being peddled in a Trump style tactic to portray the mainstream media as fake news. An example is Graham Bloxham was viciously attacked and his cameraman beaten to a pulp.

In order to understand these people we need to understand their mind-set.  The leaders of the anti-mandate protest have a very low discernment in fact most of them are in denial there is a global pandemic. At the moment they don’t see friends and family dying from Covid 19 so it must be some elaborate plan involving a sinister communist takeover.

Many New Zealanders are suffering from poor discernment and a lack of common sense or an inability to accept reality they believe the mainstream media is lying to them and a sinister plot by the world governments is being unleashed to destroy their lifestyles. Many refuse to believe their genuinely is global pandemic and the government is trying to protect our nation.

 They haven’t connected the dots that a highly efficient government has protected our society from a deadly virus. Having been indoctrinated by multiple conspiracy theories that agenda 21 is secretly a human depopulation program invented by Western democracies to depopulate Western democracies that would leave the earth to the North Koreans.

Another conspiracy being peddled by Dr Matt Shelton is the Pfizer vaccine contains graphite resistors that once injected into the bloodstream can form an electronic circuit that can control human organs like the brain and communicate with 5G cell phone towers ignoring the facts the bloodstream is travelling at 7 km/h and these graphite resistors would require a propulsion system to form an electrical circuit and a direct current although the human body has a negative supply of -3v DC.

Conspiracy theorists like Dr Matt Shelton who peddle this disinformation like to put a degree of separation between the lies they are disseminating by making statements like I’m no expert or I could be wrong about this information. Dr Shelton if he doesn’t have his facts right he should never be proposing fear of a vaccine in the middle of a pandemic that behaviour is reprehensible by creating false beliefs and then attempting to distance himself.

The genuine intent of the anti-mandate protesters is to forment a Nazi style putsch or January 6th Insurrection with Qanon conspiracy theorists like Carlene Hereora demanding the end of government and basically an end to democracy in Aotearoa. Hereora stands firmly against indigenous rights for Tangata Whenua and has become a staunch supporter of the Hobson’s pledge hate group.

No one can tell me these protesters wouldn’t kill or kidnap the Prime Minister if they got the chance, why bring nooses and makeshift jail cell trailers if the intent is not to harm our country’s leaders.


Millions of dollars of overseas money is being poured into this protest to help overturn a democratically elected left-wing government and depose the Prime minister Jacinda Adern. Many wealthy New Zealand business leaders support the anti-mandate protests and want to see the 6th Labour government demise.

Supplied Facebook – A Qanon inspired Jail cell to lock up the Prime minister

The genuine intent of convoy 2022 is to conduct a Nazi putsch a violent attempt to overthrow of a democratically elected government. On social media the protesters are trying to portray a peaceful concert of hippies and musicians while trying to hide their sinister agenda of taking out the Prime Minister. The attack on Graeme Bloxham showed us what would happen to a member of Cabinet if they were caught by this crowd.

Sir Russell Coutts exposed the genuine intent of the protest was the suppression of indigenous rights in his statement “I’m against creating different rights, laws and privileges based on race” Coutts ignoring the fact anything awarded to Maori by this government is based on an 180 year old agreement called the Treaty of Waitangi it just so happens Maori were the only race In Aotearoa on 6 February 1840 the British were only manuhiri (visitors).

Some of the freedoms the so-called freedom fighters stand opposed to others freedoms and they will intimidate and abuse anyone who does not comply with their expectations.

Freedom of the press– they will attack any journalist or cameraman that is wearing a mask for example the attack on journalist Graham Bloxham.

Freedom to wear a mask -the protesters are in Covid denial and by wearing a mask you are somehow compliant with the general consensus of scientists and medical professionals or the government has tricked you into believing their propaganda.

Freedom of opinion -the anti-mandate protesters are conducting a campaign of censorship where anyone who disagrees with their beliefs has their social media posts reported in swarms to silence their opposition. Critics of the protests have all received social media bans and these are difficult to appeal.

A petition demanding the protestors go home has reached 65,000 as tolerance of this group has worn thin with the majority of the public, as many New Zealanders believe the protestors are attempting a Jan 6th Insurrection as what happened on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

I’ve encountered the ring leaders of this event and I have no doubt in my mind they intend on overturning the New Zealand government and attacking democracy.  The similarities to the 6th January insurrection can’t be denied. Many extremist groups have lent support to the protests like Hobson’s Pledge, Counterspin and the Freedom and Rights Coalition the New Zealand equivalents to the militia groups in the United States like the Proud boys or Qanon.

The New Zealand police cannot afford hostility or physical resistance against the protesters they are simply outnumbered, even if they deployed the entire New Zealand defence Force and every law-enforcement officer in the country. The protest would turn violent quickly and the protesters would start to smash down doors and walls and attack the beehive until someone was killed. They need to allow the protest to burn itself out then secure parliament grounds.

As rational thinking New Zealanders who oppose this protest we need to appeal to the protesters to go home to their families and loved ones. Avoid ignoring the protestors or ostracising them based on their beliefs this won’t work, we should try to appeal to them and gently challenge their beliefs out of love. A new hash tag has been created called #endtheprotest to appeal to the protestors to go home.

The leaders of this Kaupapa don’t have the protestors interests at heart they are trying to indoctrinate them into an extremist right wing philosophy based on conspiracy theories and disinformation.

This protest could possibly have few disastrous outcomes that Omnicron variant will rampage through the protesters overwhelming the Wellington DHB with the largest gathering of unvaccinated citizens. Then protesters going back to their communities with a reluctance to wear masks will spread the virus like wildfire.

If you remember ANZAC day is a commemoration of the soldier’s sailors and airmen of the New Zealand 2nd expeditionary force who were all vaccinated bravely went to fight against Fascism during WW2 and they would be appalled this ideology is being used to attack our nation’s democracy. Remember the Nazi’s in Germany managed to appeal to Hippies and Pacifists to gain power and if we allow extremists to lead our nation into the 21st century, mandates will seem like a small inconvenience compared to the draconian dictatorship the anti-mandate leaders will impose.