Government warned Dishonour the Treaty at your peril

Government warned Dishonour the Treaty at your peril

Today, the country witnessed a surge in protest movements, with roadblocks extending from Rangiriri Pa on State Highway 1 to Te Awa the Base. This marks the largest protest movement since the foreshore and seabed controversy.

In Hamilton Kirikiriroa alone, seven distinct protests took place, drawing large crowds. The general sentiment among the Maori community is one of frustration with ongoing racism, and a readiness to stand up against the current government. Many protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s unilateral decision-making regarding the future of their descendants, or mokopuna, without proper consultation.

Some protesters anticipate that these events will catalyze a larger protest movement that will converge on Wellington to challenge the new coalition government. While some believe this could escalate to a succession movement, others argue that such drastic measures are unnecessary. They uphold the principles of Manaaki tanga, asserting that the Maori community seeks to share this land with Tau iwi (foreigners).

There is a prevailing belief that the New Zealand government is on the verge of violating the Treaty of Waitangi. Critics argue that the government should not have a say in this matter, as the Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement between two specific parties: the British Royal family and the Maori chiefs and tribes. If the Treaty becomes null and void, they contend, the New Zealand government could be disbanded, as its authority is derived from the Treaty.

The 56th Parliament of New Zealand has had an inauspicious start, with the coalition government’s perceived anti-Maori stance stirring up the Mana Motuhake Bear. Hamilton City Councillor Moko Tauriki commented, “A succession movement has been in the pipelines for a very long time.” He further added, “What it will lead to is a reinvigorated and more strengthened Māori voice.”

The consensus is that this is just the beginning of a broader protest movement that will continue to grow and gain influence unless the coalition government abandons its anti-Maori mentality and any intentions of dishonoring the Treaty of Waitangi.