Groundswell hostile towards journalist as”Fake News”

The groundswell protestors will no longer tolerate racism but have became increasingly provocative against journalists.

The Groundswell protestors will no longer tolerate racism, but have became more provocative against journalists claiming that they create fake news. This attitude stems from a conspiracy theory which believes that all journalists are working for the prime ministers office.

Ross Townshend, the former organiser of the Waikato chapter of Groundswell, was not invited to attend the protest due to a character assassination he made against the minister of foreign affairs MP Nanaia Mahuta.The organizers have focused their protest strictly on farming issues.

A minority of billboards were insinuating the Prime minister was a Communist or Nazi but the majority of banners were based on the controversial 3 waters policy and SNA policy from the government.

Many farmers brought positive banners saying “Watch country calendar” (with the odd spelling mistake), as a more effective way to receive public sympathy.

The protest gathered in Te Rapa in Hamilton outside Mitre 10 and proceeded into central Hamilton.