Man attacked for owning a Tino Rangatiratanga badge

Man attacked for owning a Tino Rangatiratanga badge

In downtown Auckland, at the intersection of Simon Street and Whitaker, a man was brutally assaulted by a pedestrian while he was in his car. The motive behind this hate crime was the Tino Rangitiratanga badge that the man had attached to his hat. After the attacker saw the badge he got enraged and attacked the driver.

The victim managed to maneuver his vehicle and capture a photograph of his assailant. The incident has been reported to the New Zealand police, who are currently investigating the matter. The victim is urging anyone with information about the attacker to come forward and report it to the New Zealand police.

The individual affected by the incident attributes the attack to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, as interpreted by David Seymour. They have observed a change in the way Pakeha views them.

The individual shared that they were deeply disturbed by the incident and needed time to comprehend what had happened.

They expressed concern about the potential danger if their 9-year-old child had been present during the incident.

The individual has asked for CCTV footage showing the attacker approaching their car window.

They are urging anyone who can identify the man involved in the incident to report it to the New Zealand Police.