New Zealand’s Battle with COVID-19

New Zealand’s Battle with COVID-19

New Zealand, a country once celebrated for its successful elimination strategy against COVID-19, is now facing a significant surge in cases. The country, which had no COVID-19 deaths for most of the pandemic, is now facing a grim prediction of an estimated 1,000 deaths.

The Current Situation

As of the last update on November 27, 2023, there were 327 cases in hospitals, with a 7-day rolling average of 971 new cases. The total number of people who have died of COVID-19 or where it was a contributing factor stood at 3,549. The number of new cases reported in the last week was 6,814.

The Impact of COVID-19

The impact of the pandemic on New Zealand has been profound. In 2022, there were 38,577 deaths in the country, the highest in decades and about a 10% increase from 34,932 deaths in 2021. The rise in deaths has been mostly attributed to COVID-19.

Vaccination Efforts

In terms of vaccination, as of October 13, 2023, 72.9% of eligible adults (18+) have received their first booster, and 90.1% of those aged 12 and above have completed their primary course. For the pediatric population (ages 5 to 11), 271,738 have received their first doses, and 158,339 have received their second doses.

Looking Ahead

Despite the current challenges, New Zealand continues to fight against the pandemic. The country’s health system is working tirelessly to manage the situation and ensure the safety of its citizens. The government is also making efforts to keep the public informed about the latest data and statistics related to COVID-19.

As the situation continues to evolve, it is crucial for everyone to follow the recommended guidelines and get vaccinated to protect themselves and others from the virus.