Von Tempsky removed now Bryce Street is next

There have been calls to have Bryce Street in Hamilton, Kirikiriroa changed after Von Tempsky Street was recently returned to it’s original name Puutikitiki.

John Bryce was the commanding officer of the Kai Iwi Cavalry Volunteers, an undisciplined militia that ruthlessly went out to exterminate as many Māori as possible.

On the 27th November 1868, the Kai Iwi Cavalry under Lieutenant Bryce’s command, encountered some children pig hunting. Sergeant George Maxwell, a undisciplined non commissioned officer, decapitated a 10 year old boy and attacked another 12 year old boy with a sword, ruthlessly killing both children.

Lieutenant Bryce’s excuse as to why he had lost control of his men, was that he was chasing a horse that had run away. Bryce stated that he was distracted while men under his command committed atrocities against innocent children. This seems like a poor and feeble excuse to cover up his own involvement.

Sergeant George Maxwell was rewarded for this war crime by having Maxwell town named in his honour. This is located near the site where he massacred children.

A report commissioned by the Hamilton City Council by historian Vincent O’Malley, detailing the atrocities committed by John Bryce can be viewed here.