Conspiracy theorist dies from Covid-19

Rex Warwood despised the Prime minister Jacinda Adern and claimed she was a communist hellbent on taking over Aotearoa and handing it over to Māori

Conspiracy theorist dies from Covid-19

Rex Warward was a victim of disinformation indoctrinated by the likes of Carol Sakey on every myth and lie involving Covid 19 as being fake to the Maori elite are secretly taking over New Zealand and it cost him his life.

Rex Warwood was spreading unfounded disinformation and vilifying Māori as being a sinister group of gravy train dependents that are fleecing the taxpayer unjustly based on their race. This is the type of victim blaming that Māori New Zealanders get persecuted with on a daily basis.

The words rights and privileges are literally written into article 3 of the Treaty of Waitangi. The historical grievances Māori make have absolutely nothing to do with race based privilege they are an agreement and an international treaty as the founding document of our nation.

The notion a Māori elite exists is a deflection of smoke and mirrors designed to protect the genuine One percenters colonial elite that have hoarded 75% of the real estate in this country and 75% of the wealth. Māori own a mere 6% of the country’s real estate a huge loss from 1840 when they owned 100% of the real estate in Aotearoa.

You will rarely see a Māori member of the business Roundtable and you will never see a Māori in the top ten rich lister billionaires in the National business review. The real elite in this country were gifted their inheritance from generational wealth their forbearers stole from Māori .

Prime Minister Jacinda Adern has been targeted in a Qanon based conspiracy theory of disinformation as “Jabcinda” this could possibly lead to a defeat of the Labour government in the 2023 elections in similar defeat that helped Qanon defeat Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s run for the Presidency.

Rex Warwood is clearly confused about the role of the Treaty of Waitangi that was the document that offered British immigrants a home in the most beautiful country in the world Aotearoa and offered to preserve Māori land ownership.
He Whakaputanga the declaration of Independence was a document based on the self-determination and Mana Motuhake of the Māori nation. It did not offer land rights or civil rights to British coloniser’s.

A new conspiracy theory is being peddled about Rex himself that he never died from Covid 19 but the coroners office have deliberately adjusted his death certificate to justify vaccination.

That Rex Warwood’s misunderstanding of our founding National documents and his objections to indigenous rights, the 3 waters proposal and He pua pua are an unjustified attack on his rights as a New Zealander’s are testimony to the amount of disinformation and lies being spread on social media that Rex a journalist should have done more due diligence to verify his sources were reputable.