Alt-Right conspiracy theorists repeating the Kremlins propaganda in Aotearoa

Many New Zealand based Alt-Right conspiracy theorists are beginning to repeat talking points from the Kremlin and the CCP.

Alt-Right conspiracy theorists repeating the Kremlins propaganda in Aotearoa

The hypocrisy of their commentary is that they often accuse others who believe in liberal democracy or oppose the alt right as being communists. Yet conspiracy theorists like Damien Dement and Chantelle Baker have both begun to repeat Kremlin propaganda and talking points from the Chinese communist party.

Chantelle Baker recently repeated a Qanon conspiracy theory that the United States government had bio-weapon facilities in Ukraine to manufacture another version of Covid 19

The Russian disinformation machine uses a technique called active measures by flooding social media with so much disinformation that the public gets confused.

In Aotearoa conspiracy theorists like Baker and Dement are the conduit for this disinformation or as Russian intelligence refers to them as “useful idiots”.

So this is how they sell their conspiracy theory 1st off they use the fake news technique and claim that all mainstream media are trying to deceive the public.

Then they offer you the disinformation as a sceptic themselves while attempting to distance themselves from said disinformation by asking you as the viewer to use critical thinking or you don’t have to believe this disinformation but they are offering in the hope you will fall for the bait.

This is how conspiracy theorists sell their disinformation they offer it to you then attempt to distance themselves from it and then use language like the “truth” or “just asking questions”. This entraps their audience into believing they are being told something that is based on facts when in reality it’s a pack of lies and the conspiracy theorist knows precisely they are misleading their audience

Once the audience has lost any faith in journalism and is convinced that journalists are plotting to deceive the public and that they the conspiracy theorists are the only source of truth this is when they attempt to indoctrinate their audience.

New Zealanders need to use critical thinking whenever they are watching social media to look for special disinformation techniques based on the Soviet technique of active measures

Has the source of the commentary asked you to not trust Western journalism (Except Fox News) a key tenent of liberal democracy once you have been tricked into believing this they can program you with their conspiracy theories that often have an extreme rightwing white supremacist’s political agenda.

Any New Zealand political commentator that attempts to convince you, war criminals, like Vladimir Putin are the victim or stand opposed to New Zealand’s foreign policy while supporting the Kremlin is nothing less than an unpatriotic traitor and committing sedition.

In 1916 Rua Kēnana the Tuhoe prophet had 70 armed Constabulary hunt him down to Maungapohatu on charges of sedition for encouraging Tuhoe men to avoid conscription to fight in World War I.
In contrast, 21st-century commentators like Baker and Dement are fully permitted to make seditious statements without consequence. They are permitted to disseminate foreign propaganda and Communist Party talking points while glorifying a war criminal who our foreign affairs has just placed sanctions upon.

Source Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries Rua Kenana being arrested for sedition

The primary reason why the Kremlin is making accusations that the United States has biological weapons facilities-based in Ukraine is an old propaganda technique of Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty coined by Joseph Goebbels.

Russian military strategists realise they can’t defeat a well-equipped insurgent army using mechanised infantry being supplied by the West eventually they are going to need to use chemical weapons or heavy artillery to exterminate the Ukrainian population to claim victory.

For the people like Baker and Dement who are running around accusing everyone else of being Communists or Antifa, Their hypocrisy stinks to high heaven because they are traitorous propaganda machines for the CCP. I can’t think of a more unpatriotic betrayal to our nation of trying to turn public opinion against the suffering of the woman and children being killed by the Russian military in Ukraine.

Dement quoting the Qanon conspiracy theory
Baker reciting outrageous Qanon conspiracy theories