World War Two Nuremberg trials are irrelevant to Aotearoa

Lawyer DeAnne Bateson describes how the World War two Nuremberg Trials are irrelevant to modern day Aotearoa.

The Nuremberg trials were conducted in Germany after world war two for war criminals that were conducting inhumane experiments on the civilian population of Germany. The trials were a military tribunal that preceded the United Nations a trial by court of justice between members of the Nazi regime and the United States Justice Department.

The Nuremberg trials had a set of principles they were not a code or international agreement involving any obligation to any nation. The principles were designed to trial Nazi war criminals as the human rights violations they had committed were not illegal in Nazi Germany.

The New Zealand government had little or no involvement in the Nuremerg trials as they were conducted by the major allied nations. The President of the United states Harry Truman authorised the principles of Nuremberg for the purpose of this trial, it was not an international agreement that could hold governments to account 70 years later.

The Nuremberg trials had judges from France, United States, Soviet Union and the United Kingdom. They were in no way shape or form an international agreement or Treaty.


Many New Zealanders have developed amnesia over the most important agreement in history that founded our nation the Treaty of Waitangi and most have absolutely no idea of He Whakaputunga the Declaration of Independence.

This American inspired conspiracy theory the Nuremberg principles is being quoted as “Code” of laws to arrest and send all New Zealand politicians to Nuremberg Germany to be put on on trial for crimes against humanity is absurd and has no basis in reality.

The Nuremberg code has similarities to the Qanon conspiracy that Former President Donald Trump was going to lock up the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern in Guantanamo Bay US Naval base in Cuba for being a communist.

The Nuremberg Trials