Prince Harry says he was ‘forced to leave’ UK due to security concerns

Prince Harry says he was ‘forced to leave’ UK due to security concerns

Prince Harry has revealed that he and his wife Meghan Markle felt ‘forced to leave’ the UK in 2020 because they could not ensure the safety of their family on British soil.

The Duke of Sussex made the statement as part of his ongoing legal battle with the Home Office over the withdrawal of his police protection when he stepped back from his royal duties.

Harry’s lawyers argued that he was treated ‘less favourably’ than other members of the royal family and that he had offered to pay for his own security, but his request was rejected.

Harry said in his statement that he wanted his children Archie and Lilibet ‘to feel at home’ in the UK, which he described as his home and central to their heritage.

He added: ‘That cannot happen if there is no possibility to keep them safe when they are on UK soil. I can’t put my wife in danger like that, and given my experiences in life, I’m reluctant to unnecessarily put myself in harm’s way too.’

Harry and Meghan have only brought their children to the UK once since their move to California, for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022.

The High Court in London is hearing Harry’s challenge to the decision of the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (RAVEC), which stripped him of his automatic right to UK police security in February 2020.

Harry’s lawyers claimed that RAVEC should have considered the ‘impact’ that a successful attack on Harry would have, given his status, background, and profile within the royal family.

They also said that Harry wanted to come back to the UK to see his family and friends and to support the charities that are close to his heart.

The hearing is expected to last for three days.